Schultz is a premier provider with a core team of individuals who specialize in turnarounds and plant shutdown work. With our best-in-class turnkey solutions, our personnel anticipate and overcome the challenges presented by the most complex turnarounds by using value-engineering skills, state-of-the-art tools and constructability expertise.

We understand the demands and the critical planning required to ensure a successful turnaround or shutdown. Schultz has a high success rate of exceeding client expectations and a reputation for being safe, professional and providing predictable value. 

Schultz provides a full range of turnaround services including:

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Milestone plan development
  • Estimating
  • Turnaround readiness and cold eye reviews
  • Work scope definition (capital vs. maintenance)
  • Tower, vessel and heater work
  • QA/QC services
  • Weld and flange integrity services
  • Code work
  • Heat exchanger bundle extraction 
  • Hydraulic bolt torqueing
  • Specialty subcontractor management 
  • Heavy rigging
  • Delay tracking and mitigation 
  • Contingency planning 
  • Discovery planning 
  • Scope challenge process

A scheduled plant shutdown that takes days or weeks to execute could take many months to plan.  At Schultz, we take an innovative phased approach that reduces turnaround congestion, shortens schedules and reduces costs. 

We achieve schedule and resource optimization by partnering with our clients during planning. We also shave time off the shutdowns by maximizing pre-turnaround work, starting the first job each day early, using an automated tool check-in and check-out system and using web-based scheduling and resource tracking. Our system enables us to identify delays in real time, while our daily performance reports track productivity, daily headcounts and change order and budget variances.

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